Day Fifteen: "The Arrival"

The Arrival

An airliner has landed
with no one on board,
and you are absolutely
certain this is impossible.
You are absolutely certain
of a few things: yourself
and your ability to uncloud
the mysterious, as you
have always done, perfectly.
Most of all, you come
to believe unshakably
that this plane is not real.
You hold this theory
with so much certainty
that without fear you place
your arm into the path
of the propeller, believing
the plane will vanish, and you
can be the hero yet again,
you can unveil the falsehood
of this collective delusion.
And you are right: your obscene
display of will is a success.
But the delusion is not
collective: you find yourself
in the solipsistic feedback loop
of an obsession your pure,
logical mind will only ever
continually repeat: certainty
you could not find years ago,
a mystery you could never solve,
the ghosts of a vanished plane
you could not make reappear.


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